Ernest Hemingway

ernest_hemingwayErnest Hemingway (1899-1961) was one of the greatest literary talents of the 20th century.  He wrote on a wide variety of topics.  He wrote numerous short stories and several novels.  His unique writing style connected with readers and elevated the writer to world renown status.  He was awarded both the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Nobel Prize in Literature in the 1950’s.

Though an incredibly talented and accomplished writer, Hemingway had a troubled personal life.  He was plagued with marital issues, alcoholism and physical health problems.  Despite this, Hemingway found refuge in hunting and fishing.  His novel “The Old Man and the Sea” and his outdoor short stories like “The Big Two-Hearted River” made him a legend in the outdoor literature world.

Outdoor books by Ernest Hemingway:

Hemingway on Hunting

Hemingway on Fishing

The Old Man and the Sea

Green Hills of Africa


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