The Legend of Grey Ghost

“The Legend of Grey Ghost and Other Tales from the Maine Woods” is a book of hunting related stories written by Tom Remington and his son Steve in 2003. Tom and Steve are both natives of the mountains of western Maine, and have hunted all of their lives. Tom is a popular outdoors and political blogger who can be found at Steve is a stay at home dad, blogger and outdoor internet consultant/computer guru. His new website is

The book is a collection of deer hunting stories from Tom and Steve’s experiences in western Maine. Father and son each write from their own perspective, and the book constantly shifts back and forth between Tom and Steve’s stories.

If you’re looking for a book full of accounts of successful hunts and bagged trophies, this isn’t the one for you. Tom and Steve hunt in an area that has extremely low deer densities, making it difficult to even see whitetails on a regular basis, let alone harvest one. No, hunting isn’t about the kill for these two. Instead, they focus on the experience.

Tom describes his earlier hunts as a youth, and then goes on to write about his greatest passion in the hunting world – deer camp. He and a group of family friends have been going to the same deer camp in western Maine for decades. Each year they go through the same routines, hunt the same areas, tell the same stories, and just have a great time together. Tom’s description of deer camp is typical of many such camps in the Northeast, and he describes the quirks of this particular camp quite well.

Steve’s real passion for hunting seems to relate to time spent in the woods and experience gained from hunting with his father. He describes the father-son bond well, as does Tom when relating hunting experiences with his own father. The natural progression of a young hunter is usually fostered by experiences with his father in the woods. He learns the habits of his quarry, how to stalk animals, and find his way through the woods. It’s obvious throughout Steve’s stories that he truly values the hunting experiences he’s had with his dad.

Oh, and I can’t forget Grey Ghost – he’s the wary old whitetail buck that Tom and Steve has always dreamed of harvesting, but haven’t yet. Grey Ghost is the inspiration for a lot of hunting tales.

“The Legend of Grey Ghost” is a unique book, written by father and son about their love for hunting the Maine woods.

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