Lew Dietz

LewDietz_JeffWhiteLew Dietz (1907-1997) lived in and loved the State of Maine for most of his life, and wrote numerous books and magazine articles on Maine-based topics.  Though he’s probably best known for his book “A Seal Called Andre”, about an orphaned seal on the coast of Maine (and the source of the popular film “Andre”), Dietz wrote several outdoor books.  He wrote four outdoor fiction books based on the character “Jeff White”, as well as a book on the Allagash River and a popular collection of short stories.


Lew Dietz outdoor nonfiction books:

The Allagash

Touch of Wildness, A Maine Woods Journal


Lew Dietz outdoor fiction books:

Jeff White, Young Guide

Jeff White, Young Lumberjack

Jeff White, Young Trapper

Jeff White, Young Woodsman