Lee Wulff

Lee_WulffLee Wulff (1905-1991) lived a full life, and most of it was dedicated to promoting his passion of fly fishing.  An engineer, artist, pilot, filmmaker and writer, Wulff is best known for his role as one of fly fishing’s greatest advocates.

Wulff wrote several books on fly fishing, developed popular flies (including the Grey Wulff, White Wulff and Royal Wulff), and with his wife Joan, taught fly casting courses for years.  The Wulff School of Fly Fishing continues to this day, with Joan helping instruct and preserve Lee’s original teachings.  A key part of Wulff’s legacy is his strong belief in the practice of catch and release fishing, which continues to be an integral part of the fly fishing community today.

Lee Wulff books:

Wulff School of Fly Fishing

Royal Wulff Products

Lee Wulff Obituary

Remembering Lee Wulff

Lee Wulff Floatplane Fishing Video

Lee Wulff Labrador Brook Trout Video



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