Jason Lucas

Jason_LucasImagine fishing 8 hours a day for 365 straight days.  Jason Lucas did it one year.  Lucas became the editor of Sports Afield magazine after impressing folks with the fact that he actually fished, did it effectively, and wrote well.  Lucas held the job for almost a quarter century.  Rumor has it he quit after becoming disgusted with the magazine running ads for fishing gear he considered to be ‘junk’.  Few men have done as much to promote the sport of bass fishing than Jason Lucas, and though he doesn’t have much name recognition among modern anglers, the old timer bassers remember him well.  Lucas was the real deal.

Book: Lucas on Bass Fishing


Jason Lucas — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with all you write about Jason. I read all those artical’s he wrote back then, including the one where he fished to furnish the fish for the executives and lost the fish he selected for dinner when he cranked the engine before pulling up the net and lost the fish. He still fished and caught the limit again (but not selective), enough for the diner but only told that story years later. It was a jewel and I can truly say, he taught me all I know about bass fishing which is a lot. After he taught me, they used to call me “Bass Drye”

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