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Gene A. Hill (1928-1997) was considered by many to be one of the best outdoor writers of his time. Hill grew up in New Jersey, graduated from Harvard, and worked as an advertising copywriter for several agencies.

Hill always had an interest in the outdoors, and began an outdoor writing career by moonlighting as an outdoors columnist for several magazines, including Guns & Ammo and Sports Afield.

Eventually, Hill took the plunge and became a full time columnist and associate editor of Field & Stream magazine. He also served as executive editor of Sports Afield magazine for years.

Gene Hill is known for two very popular outdoor columns: “Tail Feathers”, written in Sports Afield, and “Hill Country”, written in Field & Stream. Gene’s writing was unique. His pieces were typically short and to the point. He was humorous without trying too hard to be so. Hill always disliked the title “outdoor writer”. For all his notoriety, the man was very humble. He had a unique ability to understand and describe the relationship between a man and his hunting dog. He also had a weakness for the finer things in life, including fine shotguns, beautiful scenery, and a glass of good bourbon. By all accounts, Hill was remembered as a great writer, and his books are among the most popular in outdoor sporting literature today.

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  1. Where might I find printable versions of Gene’s stories that I might use with my at risk students. I love his stuff!

    • Hi Darren,
      Glad you enjoy Gene’s work. Due to copyright laws, I don’t think you’ll be able to reprint his stories without permission from the publisher. Fortunately most of his books are available at a reasonable price. You could also borrow books from your local library. If they don’t have any of his books on the shelves, you can request them through interlibrary loan.
      Take Care,

      • Mrs. Hill:
        When I had my open heart surgery followed by my diagnosis Hogkins Lymphoma I read a copy of Gene’s book “The Best Of Gene Hill” during my period of nasty chemotherapy. That book really helped me get my frame of mind set very well to have to deal with that rough time. I have conducted an extremely diligent search for that book with zero results. I am going through another rough time and woul dearly love to read the book again. Can you possibly steer me in the me towards a copy of it anywhere? Thank you kindly, C.S.McWhorter
        6145 Catskill LN
        Colorado Springs, Co 80918

  2. A fine tribute for a fine man.

    I have vivid memories of sitting in the dim basement of American River Junior College, reading “Hill Country” and “Tail Feathers.” That basement and those columns were a kind of portal to an outdoor world I yearned and pined for. And now that I am older, I return there often. I know you’ve gone to a better place, but thank you Gene Hill. I look forward to meeting you and shaking your hand, when the dogs are put up for the last time and this hunt is over.

  3. To Cathy Hill,
    I hope you still are monitoring this thread. About 1967-68 or so a blond haired boy showed up on your front doorstep to ask permission to fish in your pond. The kindney bean shaped one in the far meadow. You gave your permission and the memories I accumulated are priceless. I fished the ponds of your neighbors the Moebus’s, Bonta’s and yours of course. All uniquely different. Later, much later, I realized who your husband was and read most of his books. It was obvious he used the farmstead as inspiration for his writings. It was like he was writing to just me as I had walked the same places and observed the same natural sightings. Thanks for all you did during that time. You kept a beautiful home. Best wishes in the future.

  4. Anyone knowing where I could acquire a copy of “The Best Of Gene Hill”. Please advise.

    Thank you so much/C. S. McWhorter

  5. My memories of Gene Hill go way back to Robinwood Farm on Elm Ridge Road in New Jersey. My father, Bob Weiss, was a friend of Gene as well as members of Nassau, Black Rock and Philadelphia Gun Clubs. I was fortunate enough to fish in the pond there and learned how to cast a fly because of this friendship.
    I remember all the dogs coming to meet you as you drove up to their home as well as his office in back of the garage. Wonderful times!

  6. I grew up reading Gene Hill’s stories in Hill Country in field and stream. Made my life as a hunter. Truly put you there as a person, hunter and dog person. I only wish I could have shared some time with him, his wife and his dogs.

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